Over 100,000 students have participated in the Oak Glen outdoor education program since its inception in 2002. Located in Oak Glen, nestled within the San Bernardino Mountains, this free program takes place on a two-mile nature trail on the Oak Glen Preserve. This trail meanders through an evergreen forest, past ponds that host migratory ducks in winter, and under a canopy of a deciduous black oak forest that opens onto a south-facing chaparral hillside. The return trail follows a willow shaded stream onto a boardwalk that is the home to a variety of butterflies when the wetlands are in bloom. Children will experience, within a small geographic area, ecosystems that were previously unknown to them.

The Outdoor Discovery Program is a five hour nature adventure field trip, at which each child will have a chance to learn, explore, and gain a new respect for nature while having fun.

Quality outdoor education experiences are offered with hands-on group activities for grades three through six. Below is a listing of a few of our activities used to achieve a range of learning outcomes closely related to the California Content Standards.


Third Grade Program
Students learn about the diverse climates of the Earth and some of the different weather phenomena present in particular climate zones. They also learn about the human contribution to climate change (i.e., drought) in a rainfall demonstration. Students learn about metamorphosis and some of the insects and amphibians that go through the process. Other activities include discussing animal adaptations, exploring animal senses while experimenting with their own, and a creative team-building activity relating to animal adaptations.

Fourth Grade Program
Students learn about geology and the rock cycle, through various activities such as games and examining different types of rocks. Students learn how fossils are formed and create their own example to take home. Using microscopes, students work in teams to discuss and deduce what items they observe. Students also learn about the history of our local Native American tribe, the Serrano Indians, and learn to appreciate their traditions through a variety of activities such as acorn grinding.


Fifth Grade Program
Using the scientific method, students perform an experiment about the health of the water in the Redwing pond. Students learn about seed dispersal methods in a hands-on lab activity. Students also learn about producers, consumers, and decomposers and how they participate in the energy pyramid. The variety of habitats located on the preserve serves as inspiration for a creative activity.

Sixth Grade Program - Available for Limited Dates
Students learn how the Earth’s surface is constantly changing by folding, faulting, volcanism, plate tectonics, erosion, weathering, plant intrusions, and human impact. In a group activity, the students will practice engineering skills by building a small structure. Students will also use the scientific method and carry out an experiment to reach a conclusion about the health of the soil.


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