Many statewide and nationally significant conservation projects are given birth from The Wildlands Conservancy's preserves, which serve as outposts for strategic land-based conservation and stewardship.

  • The 60,000-acre Sand to Snow Wilderness Interface project gave birth to the 154,000-acre Sand to Snow National Monument.
  • Wind Wolves Preserve gave birth to a land acquisition effort to link the Coast Ranges with the Sierra Nevada.
  • The 560,000-acre California Desert Land Acquisition gave birth to the 1.6 million-acre Mojave Trails National Monument.
  • The Wildlands Conservancy's work in the Santa Ana River Watershed helped bring together cities and counties across Southern California to create the 110-mile Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway project.

The Wildlands Conservancy will continue to advocate for the land and help conserve California's heroic landscapes.